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The Sirius XM Internet Radio application has the ability to deny access to location-restricted programming, primarily live sports events, if your physical location is outside of Canada, the United States or Puerto Rico.

If you have disabled location services on your device, you will need to enable them prior to accessing and listening to location-restricted programming.

Make sure all of the cables between your Sirius XM radio and your stereo system are connected firmly and securely.

To purchase this radio with subscription, you must create a new Sirius XM Music for Business account. You can then create your new business account to complete your order.Please note, messages displayed on your Sirius XM radio screen may vary slightly from what’s noted below.Additional troubleshooting tips specific to your Sirius XM radio can be found in your Sirius XM radio’s user guide.If the problem persists, it may be interference from another FM channel.Refer to the "Find an FM Frequency" section in your Sirius XM radio's user guide.