Alyson hannigan and amber benson dating

Playing Willow’s girl friend turned-girlfriend Tara presented a challenge Amber Benson hadn’t previously considered: really, really early mornings.

She recalls that she and co-star Alyson Hannigan often had scenes by themselves in the beginning, “so they would put us on the first scene of the day. ” She recalls seeing one castmate, in particular, who had a similarly rough schedule.

It was a show that pushed television boundaries and was always trying to do something new.

The relationship between Willow and Tara was one of the first homosexual relationships on mainstream television.

“To me, it’s one of the most human moments on the show… ’ And then, by the end of the day, I was like, ‘I hate this corset, it’s so tight and it hurts. “It was naivete on my part, because of course it was going to impact and affect people,” she says. It meant so much to people.” Still, she totally gets why Ms. You really wanted Willow to have this bottoming-out.

and it crystallizes that whole part of the show, which is our relationships to each other and how they effect us.” Sure, her character experienced a huge betrayal in Buffy’s musical episode, “Once More With Feeling,” but for Benson, an even more painful dynamic was going on behind the scenes. And the only way to do that was for her to lose one of the important things in her life — that was Tara.” That rumor about a nixed Tara return in the show’s final season?

Sarah took over EW’s Instagram account to share handful of nostalgic behind-the-scenes photos from the reunion that have sent fans of The Scooby Gang into meltdown.

Here’s the whole cast and team EW hanging out You know the saying "It takes a village," well it took that and some neighboring towns to pull of this shoot (and this isn't even everyone). And thank you to all our loyal fans who asked for this enough times that it actually happened.

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“While we’re doing our scenes, he’s still snoozing in the makeup chair.” She laughs.Tara appeared in the Season 4 finale, “Restless,” as part of Willow’s dream: She wore some lines of a Greek poem… Therefore, makeup supervisor Todd Mc Intosh hand-lettered the verse on Benson’s back.“Oh my gosh, the whole makeup department was incredible,” she says, laughing as she remembers that the process of getting her back painted meant she had “a towel up against my boobs so I wouldn’t expose myself while he’s writing Sapphic poetry on my back.It was very apropos.” Benson recalls shooting “The Body” — the Season 5 episode in which Buffy’s mom, Joyce, suddenly dies — “right before our season’s break.” She also recalls her co-star, Emma Caulfield, absolutely nailing Anya’s heartbreaking monologue at the dorm, as well as the fact that they shot the scene a number of times. “I was like, ‘Every episode should be a musical episode!“No one was moving, no one was bitching about [working through a scheduled break], because they were just so blown away by what she was doing,” she says. '” When Tara died at the end of Season 6, thanks to a bullet Warren meant for Buffy hitting the witch instead, Benson had “not a clue” that her character’s passing would cause such a disturbance in the Buffyverse. This was the first long-term lesbian relationship on network television.