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Documenting and explaining a vanishing biodiversity are major challenges in evolutionary and ecological research, but understanding biodiversityis an essential step towards halting its loss and the degradation of ecosystem services, a headline target of EU 2020 biodiversity strategy.Cavesare isolated and extreme habitats that, like oceanic islands, offer unparalleled opportunities for biodiversity research.In addition, DNAbarcodes help to reveal biogeographic history and refine species distributions by providing information on phylogenetic relationships and population structures and allowing identification of immature stages.Spiders are among the most diverse and ubiquitous organisms on Earth, are easy to sample and play an important role in shaping arthropod communities as the dominant predators in most terrestrial ecosystems.The project will provide two separate and independent windows in time and space into the evolutionary pathways of long distance dispersal and local diversification of oceanic archipelagoes.Most of the closest relatives of the Juan Fernandez species can be found in the Valdivian temperate rainforests of continental South America.

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Understanding the spatial patterns of biodiversity and their underlying processes is a fundamental task for conservation biology.We study biological evolution in a phylogenetic framework, boosting traditional natural history approaches with modern molecular tools to infer genealogical information, delimit species and accelerate biological inventories.We frequently conduct our research on isolated ecosystems (e.g.Thanks to people organizing the Pint of Beer 2017 (Héctor Martínez) and the Seminari on “Sexe, desenvolupament I evolució” (Aida Viza) Link PINT of beer: ICHN facebook https:// lab first participation in the Asian arachnological meetings.Plenary lecture by Miquel Arnedo on arachnid genomics “Through the looking glass: How high throughput sequencing technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of arachnid diversity and evolution”. Thanks to Zhisheng Zhang, Shuqiang Li and all the people that may all that possible.