Nishiki century sugino bike dating

It has 559 mm (26" mtb) wheels, Shimano 105 cranks, straight bars w/Haro add-on unit, Tommaselli motorcycle brake levers, walnut-grain contact paper finish, very strange indeed! S-A 5-speed hotrod, aluminum rims and crankset, wild-looking Uni-disc wheel covers, front and rear, Mitsuboshi Comp Pool tires. It was originally built to be used with a kidback, as in the photo, but my kids have outgrown this, so it now has a semi-conventional front crossover drive.

Originally an 8- or 10-speed club bike, I rode this for a long time with a 1950 Sturmey-Archer ASC 3-speed fixed gear hub, alloy rims, modern tires; otherwise reasonably stock. The fork came from a Fuji touring bike, the Sturmey-Archer AW hub has 6 sprockets. These days this bike has Scott AT-3 handlebars in front.

I am tech guru and Webmaster of Harris Cyclery in West Newton, Massachusetts. Currently, this bike is set up as 63 speed, with a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub, 7 rear sprockets and 3 chainwheels. It was originally configured as a touring bike, but I later reconfigured it as a mountain bike. I used to cruise the sand trails of the Cape Cod National Seashore on this bike, back in the '70's.

The chain tensioner is made from a kickstand and a rear derailer. It was kind of scary, because the old Sturmey-Archer AB drum brake was fairly pitiful.

This bike is currently mothballed, because I took it's wheels and saddle to equip the E. Light 630 mm (27x1) wheels, chaincase, rare Sturmey-Archer SW 3-speed, Flexstem. The SW hub is lighter, more efficient, and quieter than the normal AW model, and has a wider range.

This was the first brand new bike I ever owned, but I didn't keep it stock very long.The original rear hub had a pitiful small-diameter drum brake. This bike originally had tubular wheels, but I later switched to 630 mm (27") wire-on.I replaced this, and installed a Mafac centerpull on the rear triangle. Now a "PX-7": Shimano Nexus internal hub (I love it! Originally a 10-speed, second from the top of the Raleigh line, the Reynolds frame is unusually light for its type, and it has nice chrome-plated Nervex lugs. I courted Harriet on this bike, recently passed it on to my nephew and his bride.I took my first tour on that bike, from Marblehead to Alfred, Maine, about 120 miles each way.My scoutmaster and I did it two days up and two days back, including camping out in a graveyard the first night, for want of a better spot.