England gerogian era dating

All that remains open to the public is the shell of the former private residence. Inside, the rooms have also been remodelled over the centuries, most notably by the famous Robert Adam in the 18th century. Standing guard over the Eden Valley since Norman times, the castle was once owned by the Kings of England.

These latter defences are thought to be the work of Thomas Lord Dacre (1467-1535). It was captured by the Scots in 1315, seized by English rebels two years later, and again occupied by Scots in 1346.

The Regency period is epitomised by the Regent himself.

As a young man, George IV was a handsome and personable figure, described as “the first gentleman of England”.

The romantic figure of Prinny had almost disappeared by the time the long-awaited Regency started.

He had become fat and his extravagant habits had made him unpopular and, as the years progressed, he became more and more reclusive.