Dating vegetarian guy

Could I successfully make a living diorama of this horror show?

Fortuitously, I'd just started gingerly hanging out with a guy who was visiting L. It was time to end this on my terms: by making him hate me.DAY ONE: Calling Too Much According to the film, one of the things men hate most is being called a ton.Unfortunately, I live in a canyon and there is very bad cell-phone reception. It turns out he's totally fine with this, and he's also a recreational stimulant user.He texts back whenever I text him, pretty much right away. Clearly this is not the first time a woman has tried to lose this guy in ten days.DAY TWO: Ruin Sports On their second date, Andie takes Ben to see the Knicks, but then she won't let him watch the game, whines for diet soda, and calls him by an obnoxious nickname. Miller Lyte REALLY likes football, so when we watch some together I figure I have this one in the bag. " and make helpful suggestions like, "Well, if it upsets you this much to lose money, then maybe you shouldn't be illegally gambling." Finally, I wrap my arms around him and ask, "Am I talking too much, Old Meat?