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He used a phrase which will be remembered by all delegates – he said we need to move away from an education system that is focused on ‘stuffing the duck’ to one that centres on designing rich and engaging learning experiences in and outside of school.This isn’t really anything new – even my year 7 students understand the difference between a transmission style of teaching and one which facilitates engaging learning experiences that support students’ construction of knowledge and skills.

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where he puts forward his vision for how and why we need to change the way we educate our children in order to avoid a dystopian future.We need to look closely at the spaces where we find really positive relationships between young people and technology – in spaces where creativity and connection are central.As always I remind the adults that the kids are doing some cool stuff, often hidden from us, and that what we need to do is acknowledge, celebrate, facilitate, these spaces and activities rather than simply condemn them.Related to the focus on school to work, the panel began discussing the skills young people need to flourish in the future and I was pleased to hear that teaching coding is not more important thank teaching children to think.This goes back to the comments made the day before about coding being a poor proxy for thinking.