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There is also a small number of Yashica Flex S examples with the spring-loaded locating pins and stop pin having a different alignment.More details are at Bay 1 Mounts on the Lenses & Shutters page.As well as some accessories for an 8 mm movie camera, the following TLR items are listed: All the items appear to be Bay 1 mount only.None of the three brochures show push-on lens hoods for the advertised models with plain filter mounts.That is why there is so much space dedicated to lens hood varieties, for example, when I could just say “Bay 1 and 36 mm, 32 mm and 28.5 mm push-on types” and you would know what I mean.

In Minolta Autocord Autopole, it is noted that there are difficulties fitting the Autopole to Yashicas.The later user manuals only have limited references, mainly to flashguns and filters.The first Yashicaflex A series manuals (end 1954) displayed lens hoods (only A-I/A-II), flashguns and self-timers, but so far, all the evidence suggests that they were generic rather than Yashima/Yashica branded items.As you can tell, I've taken a break from blog posts over the last 8 months. While I remain active with antique and classic cameras, life intrudes and I havent been able to free up time to post.