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This benefit covers the actual medical scheme contributions following the death or the total and permanent disability of the Principal Member of the Medical Scheme.In the event of the death of the principal member of the Medical Aid Scheme or in the event that an accident or illness resulted in the total permanent disability of the principal member, the company shall pay the Registered Medical Aid Scheme the Medical Aid Scheme Contribution for 6 months commencing on the 1st day of the following month from the date the incident occurred.

The Medical Practitioner that treated you and / or the Casualty Unit that you have been treated in should use the correct codes and classification on the invoices they send to you and /or your medical aid.

The insured will receive a benefit equivalent to the costs incurred as a result of the GAP for any hospital admission as an in-patient.

The GAP is defined as services rendered by a medical practitioner who charges above the medical scheme tariff.

The lump sum benefit will apply on first diagnosis of Cancer.

The benefit will be excluded for any current member who has been diagnosed prior to inception or during the period of cover and is payable once in a lifetime per insured person.