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’s Jasmine Guy, is making her acting debut in the Atlanta play "Serial Black Face." The play follows Vivian (Tinashe Kajese), a single mother whose son is missing in the midst of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders.When Vivian marries Hugh (Gilbert Glen Brown), tensions arise between she and her angsty teenage daughter, Latoya (Duckette). Fellow Today star Richard Wilkins also made an appearance with his son Christian.The 63-year-old looked dapper in a red velvet blazer paired with black pants.Of course, Brady wasn't the only suitor Britt felt a connection with on the first night before she was sent home in tears, with Kimmel hilariously calling her out for being initially attracted to Tony, the healer with a black eye..kissed his houseplants goodbye."We don't see that! "When I met Tony, he seems very compassionate, he's cool...I was like, 'That is really attractive.' And then I watched him talking the plants and I didn't see that until later!Jasmine adds, "As y'all know, music is my passion, but unfortunately after I had my daughter everyone that 'had my back' disappeared...except for the people u seen in my life today." "So music is def something I'm going to keep pursuing BUT a lot of y'all have to understand that it's just me.

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My daughter is my biggest blessing and has inspired me In so many ways you couldn't even imagine.. Channel Nine host Karl, 43, arrived in style behind the wheel of a brand new black Mercedes-Benz.He wore his usual jeans with a navy blazer combination, paired with a light blue shirt and brown boots.His choice of footwear certainly raised eyebrows amongst the VIP crowd, with both boots showing visible signs of wear and tear.The veteran TV host wore dark shades, which added an element of mystery to his casual ensemble.