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Jurisdictions that have not adopted or amended a local ordinance that complies with the new state law by Jan.1 will have to follow the state law until they approve a compliant one.In the future, on second units built within existing space, utilities cannot require the homeowner to install a new or separate utility connection, nor can they impose a connection fee or capacity charge.For units outside existing space, they can require a new or separate connection, and can charge a connection fee or capacity charge, but it must be “proportionate to the burden” of the second unit based on its size or number of plumbing fixtures.Some cities are rushing to conform their ordinances by Jan. The California Department of Housing and Community Development plans to issue guidance on the law in a week or two.“We are in a housing crisis,” said Paul Mc Dougall, the department’s housing policy manager.Another set will apply if the new unit, whether attached or detached, adds square footage outside or on top of existing structures.

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On their way to check the mail, Toni Gardner and her granddaughter Amelia, 2, leave the small house that she had built in the backyard of her residence in Santa Cruz, Calif., on Thursday, December 1, 2016.San Jose has updated its zoning code to adopt the mandatory provisions of the new state law.“We had already started in the direction of making it easier to build secondary dwellings,” said Jenny Nusbaum, San Jose’s supervising planner.“It was a long, hard road with lots and lots of obstacles,” Gardner said.Some of those roadblocks, such as converting most of her backyard into three parking places and paying more than ,000 in water hookup fees, would have been reduced under the new laws. 1 — AB2299 and SB1069 — amend the state law governing second units and rename them “accessory dwelling units.” About two-thirds of California’s cities and counties have their own second-unit ordinances, but the state law is more permissive than most of them.