Questions teenagers ask about dating Chatte sex

Eventually it got to a point that my son may have and was doing drugs, marijuana in that perspective.

my son has displayed exact behavior you described in yours .

Just keep trying to let your child know how much you love and care for him/her. I really do not know how we survived the craziness and emotional roller coaster. No matter how much he is ugly and hateful I will continue to work with him.

Marlene Thanks to both of you for your words of encouragement and symphaties. That is what he tells me he does not want to hear, he tells me he wants me to give up. I will continue to work with him in counseling even though he refuses to talk or show any signs of improvement.

Thanks in advance for any information Deb I think that since you are working with a professional, you should ask him.

Normally I would say consistency in taking away his cell phone or even all electronic privledges.