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Police, in turn, discovered earlier complaints against the noted child psychiatrist.“When those allegations occurred, there was not enough evidence to proceed,’’ Deputy Chief Mike Callagy said, explaining why charges had not been previously filed.Boston police and the Suffolk district attorney’s office have filed a post on the “William Ayres Watchdog Blog’’: “If there are any victims out there or anyone that can provide any information on incidents that happened in Boston, MA, please contact me and or the Suffolk County DA,’’ wrote Sergeant Detective John Donovan, the head of the department’s Crimes Against Children Unit.To date, no one has responded to the post, said Jake Wark, a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Ayres, who is 78 and a former president of the American Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, insists he is innocent of the charges he is facing.Ayres, then a freshly minted therapist affiliated with Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, would puff on a Sherlock Holmes-style pipe and ask what seemed like the strangest questions.At their very first meeting, Silver recalled, Ayres asked him to describe an explicit sex act, a request the 17-year-old Silver refused but one that would set the tone for future sessions., March 3, 2010 Joel Silver can still remember his private sessions with child psychiatrist William H.

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Although many child psychiatrists would disagree, arguing that psychiatrists should perform physical exams only in unusual circumstances, prosecutors say that Ayres’s testimony seemed to persuade at least some of the jurors that the exams were legitimate.

Local law enforcement officials are interested in Ayres in part because they might be able to prosecute him on charges of indecent assault and battery, if they can show he committed crimes against children while living in Massachusetts.

That’s because the clock in the state’s statute of limitations – the period after a crime during which prosecutors may file charges – would have stopped when Ayres crossed state lines to begin a new life in California.

The California case against Ayres, as well as information about his past as a Boston child psychiatrist, sprang from a chance encounter between one of his accusers, Steven Abrams, and a New York freelance writer, Victoria Balfour, who had written a magazine article that mentioned her own experience as a victim of child sex abuse.

As Abrams pursued a civil suit against Ayres – one that would eventually be settled with the confidential payment of 5,000 – Balfour researched Ayres’s career, and shared her information with police in San Mateo, Calif.