Saying i love you before dating gary lightbody and lisa hannigan dating

If you feel something for someone, your gender shouldn’t be the thing stopping you from saying it.This isn’t a Jane Austen novel, it’s the 21 century and gender has nothing to do with it.If you love someone, you should be able to disagree on things but still respect the other person’s opinion, and you should be able to forgive each other.Often, people’s true colors will only come out when they’re annoyed, and if you love them like that, then you really love them.Even if it hits you like a lightning bolt and you think it’s love at first sight, it’s best not to rush.

You might have been casually dating on and off for months on end, meaning you could have been seeing each other for a year or more before the time is right.Sure, love is meant to be unconditional and not based on whether it’s reciprocated, but let’s be realistic.In practice, it’s not easy to tell someone you love them and not have them say it back. If you’re wondering when the right time is to say the words, you’ve come to the right place.Don’t let it come out the first time that feeling rises up in your stomach and tries to burst out of you.Bring it firmly back in from the tip of your tongue and store it away for future reference.