Derby city dating scene improv

"The reason I decided to try out and become a troupe member was because I needed something for myself.

Being a stay at home mom can sometimes make you forget who you were.

My passion is acting, but I am way too busy to act any more, so improv is my chance to take the stage under the lights every once in a while.

Plus who doesn't like cutting loose and releasing their wild side every now and then?

" Caitlin returned to her roots in Rapid City after serving in Mongolia with the Peace Corps and living in Colorado following her graduation from South Dakota State University. I am the youngest of six children and can honestly say improv is the best thing that ever happened to me. She also dips her talents into polishing nails and whatever else. Jesus really does love Angie despite her sense of humor. I was doing impressions of my family and my mother in all her wisdom said..."Ugh, you should be a comedian" The rest is history.

She is the Venue Coordinator for the Rapid City Arts Council at the Dahl Arts Center, and spends her free time writing the next great American young adult fantasy-fiction novel, playing Sequence and Telestrations with her family, and making people laugh uncomfortably at the West Dakota Improv. I travel all over the country doing stand up and I am the Executive Director of this troupe.

I joined the troupe because I needed an expressive outlet for the brouhaha of thoughts swirling around my giant head.

He does improv because it's cheaper than therapy and he can get out all the insanity in his head.

By day he slaves away at a call center, by night he's either doing improv or pointless nerdy hobbies.

Ryan's life was forever changed at 8 years old on a night when he was leaving a theater alongside his parents and they were confronted by a robber.

Tragically, his parents were killed in the encounter and he became an orphan.

In that moment he knew he needed to fight back against the injustice of the world, and the only way to do this was to become more than a man. After several failed attempts to become a superhero, including but not limited to Kittenman, The Sour Patch Kid, and Pastor Guy, Ryan found his symbol. Only by digging into the dark warped corridors of his subconscious and turning it into laughter (often morbid and disturbing) could he really push back against the evil of the world.