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I will keep the site updated as and when we receive more information.I have been a fan of the Mini Moke since I was driven around in one by the big brother of one of my best friends when I was 10.The Museum also has vivid portrayals of the seventeenth century bubonic plague where a third of the population lost their lives.Derby city’s Museum and Art Gallery are well worth a visit for their many different collections and the larges collection in the world of the work of seventeenth century painter Joseph Wright.Dating back to the middle of the eighteen century, Royal Crown Derby is just five minutes from the city.

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Kedleston Hall and park is an eighteenth century mansion house, just a short drive from Derby City centre.

The present house was built in 1759 for Nathaniel Curzon the first Lord of Searsdale, whose family have lived at the hall since the 12th century, The family still live in part of the building but nowadays the Hall is under the auspices of the National Trust.