Updating bios toshiba a105 Adult bookstore chat

Toshiba laptops can be convinced to boot without their power-on BIOS password by attaching a dongle to the parallel port which crosses a number of the pins.

Picture of the connector below, that's the RAM just below it which I removed before messing with the battery Obviously you want to be careful yaddayadda, but this laptop was going to be scrapped if I couldn't fix it so pft :) There is a program called Key Disk that will reset the BIOS password on Toshiba laptops.

It is hp pavilion and its specifications are Win 7 home premium 64 bit, 4 gb ram, amd dual core processor, 2 hardisk 320 gb x2.

so i decided to install wix xp sp3 to the second hardisk.

However you never specified a bios or power on password for your laptop.

Cause of the Problem: This is caused by a faulty bios on your Toshiba laptop and if you are receiving this prompt you have been effected by it.