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I went into the studio the next day after the tour and I went, “I know who I am. I’m back in love with classical pop in piano.” I was like, “So I should embrace what I do.” When you write a song like Wings, do you instantly have a gut feeling that it will be a hit? I feel like the audiences and us – everyone is just relaxing into the show a bit more now. I’ve been pretty open too that there was a lot of editing illusions … No one needs to get too deep about it, it’s entertainment. Do you guys all hang out when you’re not filming the show? I don’t get to hang because having the No.1 single in the country these last few weeks and the work that it takes to get there, I physically haven’t been able to hang with anyone, let alone my real mates (laughs). I had done the Ricky [Martin] tour and I had done all my old songs – really organically with my shoes off, by the piano – and all of a sudden I went, “Oh my gosh. I believed because I was really gravitating to the song and I was like wanting to listen to the song and dance around the room with my other writers. I know what type of song I need to write.” It was that lightning moment. The special was staged at The Palms at Crown complex and hosted by The Voice host Darren Mc Mullen. The Nine Network announced on 3 July 2012 that a one-off charity concert special, Voices Reaching Out, for The Reach Foundation would be aired.

She dated the rugby union fullback for a little over four months in 2016.It’s thought Delta’s fellow coach Seal – who has been linked to the pop princess on countless occasions and admits they share a strong connection – is feeling left out.Catapulted to success with her performance in the hit TV series, “Neighbours” (2002-2015), singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem is also popular for songs such as “Born to Try,” “Lost Without You” and “Innocent Eyes.” The Australian stunner and 'The Voice Australia' judge Delta dated the Australian tennis star for nine months in 2004, when he supported her through her fight with cancer.She wrote her hit single, “Out of the Blue,” based on her experience of his support during this period.After getting together in September 2004, Goodrem dated the Westlife heartthrob for three years before getting engaged in November 2007. Speaking of the split in 2012, Delta told Australian media she was 'unhappy' and 'had to get out'.

Delta goodrem dating joel madden