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Risks associated with driving Studies of teens with AD/HD have shown that, in general, they have a greater likelihood of being involved in traffic accidents.Most studies have only examined the driving behavior of boys with AD/HD, but one study in New Zealand (Nada-Raja et al, 1997) studied both boys and girls and found that girls with attentional difficulties were at high risk for both traffic crashes and driving offenses.

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Both medication and psychotherapy, used in conjunction, seem to be the most effective treatment program.

These very expectations are often in direct opposition to the AD/HD tendencies of many girls.

A teenage girl with AD/HD may respond anxiously, even obsessively, to the expectation that she be well groomed and fashionably dressed, yet be unable to organize her room or her life well enough to have clean, color-coordinated clothing available on a given school morning.

In addition to this exhausting list, girls with AD/HD often feel despair.

Depression, common among women with AD/HD, often begins during the pressures of teen years.