Being a feminist and dating

Virtually every component of the relationship will be equal and you will be uplifted in ways that a relationship with a woman who supports traditional gender roles cannot provide you.

Since this accepting love and mutual respect carry heavily into a relationship with a feminist, dating a feminist may be the most empowering thing you could do.

Feminists pay attention to how men and women are treated differently. We all have a right to do what we wish with our bodies. Because talking about drama requires being judgmental or putting another down, and that’s NOT what feminism is about.

The playing-hard-to-get this is incredibly overdone. One of the most heartbreaking gender norms pushed on men is that men are incapable of showing emotions and crying without the fear of being seen as weak or inferior. Men are just as human as women and men have emotional needs that need to be expressed and met.Your feminist girlfriend will hate being bought flowers, so now your local florist is going to go out of business and you just shouldn’t do that to Linda, she’s a lovely woman and has been a beacon of the community for 35 years. If your feminist girlfriend screams at a specific frequency, it will shatter all the wine glasses in your home, and feminist girlfriends love screaming. Feminists hate manspreading, so will chain your legs together and throw away the key.Now how will you assert your dominance on your commute? Feminist girlfriends are notoriously ugly, and you deserve nothing less than a Victoria’s Secret model.29.Be it a confident and courageous gal pal or considerate and progressive boyfriend, a feminist plus-one is the partner everyone deserves.A female-identifying feminist isn't going to fight you for the bill, but she won't expect you to pay, and a male-identifying feminist won't have his pride hurt by letting his SO foot the bill.