Lantana webcam video

These are the standard PC builds that we use for the different PC based DVRs that CCTV Camera Pros builds.All PCs meet or exceed the manufacturer requirements for the surveillance DVR cards that they are designed for.As of Geovision version 8.2, Geovision now also provides a hybrid solution allowing both IP security cameras an analog CCTV Cameras to be connected to one system.The strong networking capability enables video and audio data to be transferred over the Internet via the Web Cam server for viewing on a remote computer, 3G mobile phones, PDA or Geovision remote monitoring applications such a the center V2.

Mixing CCTV cameras with IP cameras on the same security camera DVR is known as a hybrid surveillance systems.

CCTV Camera Pros can create a custom surveillance system quote for you consisting of a mix of cameras based on your requirements.

Important Note: it is recommended that you watch this video at full 1080p resolution by clicking on the settings button in the You Tube player (the one that looks like a gear) and selecting 1080p HD.

Geovision 1000 series DVR cards (GV-1120, GV-1240, GV-1480) allows you to allocate up to 8 channels on the 16 channel cards to be used for Geovision IP cameras.

In order to use 3rd party IP cameras (cameras not made by Geovision), you must purchase Geovision 3rd party IP camera software licenses.