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So instead of seeking for truth, we distract ourselves with the dramas of life – money, fashion, gossip, war, etc – because the truth often times tells us we were wrong about something. Science shows us over and over again that growth is the process of breaking down and building back up, but western culture says that if you’re not happy, you’re doing something wrong. Our sadness, our anxiety, our fears are the roadmaps for progress – we’ve got to follow them, not lock them in the cellar like the deformed child in a horror movie, never to have to show them to people but always having to cope with them. If we’re not happy, I want people to connect through their pain, not their fake smiles.If we can admit that we are all hurting, then we can collectively learn to overcome our sadness and our fears as a family, as a nation, as a race.reports: Born under the Obama administration some time around 2014, the radical left wing group “Antifa” has grown to a full blown domestic terrorist threat.Over the past year we’ve seen them shut down conservative speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos, attack innocent Americans, and use violence to push their political agenda.I didn’t decide to drum on my dick, it just happened.

What they’re planning is bigger than anything the likes of which we’ve ever seen, and we need to prepare ourselves.Although it all looks the same to me as I sat at the table this morning, nothing feels the same.My dad who I used to believe was the happiest man in the world now seems overworked and slightly irritated.I still look at my brother with the same amount of sarcasm, and he still looks like he wants to punch me in the face.If one of those cereal companies needed actors for a commercial to look really happy and free while they eat the product, all they’d need to do is join us for breakfast and bring a DSLR (no lighting required).