Java scripts for updating web pages

– Install the MSI MST – Copy the to C:\Windows\Sun\Java\deployment – Launch IE, browse to Test the version with the button on the site – Accept the security prompt (in our org.we are leaving this security level HIGH) – Wait for any pop-up about an out of date version?Set to ALWAYS These 2 files need to be copied to the C:\WINDOWS\sun\java\deployment directory.Have your script create the directory after you delete it.

– Package up – Have a beer **Update 7/25/2013** Sorry all, haven’t been as active with this as I’d like.

The MEDIUM setting seems to get rid of most of the popups.

The only setting I could find that completely suppresses all warning popup is “LOW” but I can’t imagine security departments allowing this. deployment.insecure.jres=ALWAYS This setting suppresses the second popup that warns about running the Java application.

We will use the @Persistence Content annotation to inject an Entity Manager onto our EJB session bean. Persistence Context Type; import javax.persistence.

We will use this Entity Manager to perform all of our persistence operations.