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From knowing little about diesel tuning I knew my car was more capable, a friend recommended tunit.One phone call convinced me it is a quality product, I collected my box the same afternoon were I was taken through the product install and even shown were to locate the box on my car.

"Try before you buy" is a very fair and effective way to market your product as there are so many similar kits offered on the market and no other gives you this option.

I originally left the setting at the default 5 and was getting about 29mpg, I thought by moving to 7, I would have increased power but reduced mpg, however the opposite has happened. Previous slight "hesitation" when pulling away now gone completely, car is much more responsive, the auto box seems to use lower revs, car is quieter and smoother, economy improved etc.

I fitted the unit myself in the end, it was very simple to do. Tunit gives the vehicle more drivability and low down torque great for either towing or carrying heavy cargo. Quite how the same unit can perform so well on 2 different cars is a mystery to me (though perhaps not to you guys!

Power delivery is very smooth, and it definitely revs longer - in fact, it's much more like a petrol engine at the top end. Fuel consumption has dropped to 42mpg, but I've only been doing short journeys, so can't really comment upon that being the true average.

comparitively, on a twisty road, I think I could keep up with my Boxster S - would be left on the straights, but through the bends... Once again, thanks for your hospitality on my visit to Chorley - it was good to see what really goes on in the tuning world! The tunit was fitted and we gave it a road test, thank god we got full M Sport suspension, the roll on torque was awesome, acceleration in 3rd and 4th was like being on a bike.