Scarlett johansson and robert downey jr dating

In November of 2000 Downey was arrested again – his hotel room was searched by the police responding to an anonymous call, and he was discovered with cocaine and a Wonder Woman costume.

It is still uncertain if he could have completely overcome his drug addiction, had he not met his future wife, producer Susan Levin in 2003.

Having himself completely recovered from the years of struggles with drug abuse, Downey was able to return to the big screen.

In 2000 he played a slowly losing his mind detective novelist with a disability in «The Singing Detective», memorably appeared in «Wonder Boys», starred opposite Halle Berry in a supernatural thriller «Gothika» and did the leading role in the comedy thriller «Kiss Kiss Bang Bang», co-starring Val Kilmer.

As he admitted, he spent his childhood living among drug addicts and alcoholics.

His own father, himself a drug addict, introduced his son to marijuana using at a very young age of 6 (according to other sources, at the age of 8).

The actor himself was sitting naked in his Porsche. He was sentenced to a one-year imprisonment and forced to have a compulsory treatment, although that was not helpful.

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The drug treatment program at the rehabilitation center helped him to recover for a while, but Robert's struggle with the drug and alcohol abuse continued for a long time.The plot reveals the story of a notorious serial killer who called himself the «Zodiac».The role in the satiric action comedy film «Tropic Thunder» (2008) brought Downey a Hollywood actor known for his roles such as Tony Stark from Marvel Comics blockbuster films, Sherlock Holmes from Guy Ritchie's movies, Charlie Chaplin from the biographical film by Richard Attenborough, a crime reporter Paul Avery from mystery-thriller film «Zodiac» and many others. is in his 50s now, his career sets the score of more than 50 roles and he definitely is not going to slow things down. He is the son of actor and underground filmmaker Robert Downey Sr.Still on his path to success he had to overcome many of roadblocks such as a drug abuse and depressions. (born Robert Elias Jr.) and actress Elsie Ann Downey. As a son of an underground star filmmaker, Robert Downey Jr. From the very young age boy immersed into the great world: being born in buzzing New York city, as a child he traveled to Europe with his parents and went to live and study in England.

Scarlett johansson and robert downey jr dating