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MGM Resorts spokeswoman Debra De Shong said: “This remains an ongoing investigation with a lot of moving parts.

Scarlett has most recently appeared in new movie Hitchcock, which centres on the relationship between Hitchcock and wife Alma Reville, played by actress Helen Mirren, during the making of the director's iconic 1960 thriller, Psycho.The interactive poll sticker lets you ask a question and present two options atop a photo or video – then, once the poll is live, your followers can start voting The questions and options are customizable, and results update in real time.Followers will see your poll when they view your story, and can cast their own vote to reveal which choice is in the lead. Talking of details, there aren't that many around for the new Blumhouse entry, save that it finds Oyelowo as a police office whose family was killed and must make sure his niece (Reid) is safe in a story that involves time travel.The cameras started rolling on Monday and the film has yet to announce a release date.