Dating black guys vs white guys

But one day, she finally opened up and admitted she didn’t want to fill the stereotype of the “chicken head” and no matter how much she tries, the thought of getting on her knees conjures images of submission and promiscuity that she’s not ready to embrace.

This weekend, the same thing occurred over brunch when a girlfriend said she never gives head.

Makes sense, then, why many of them engage in it without the feeling of guilt, shame or embarrassment that a number of black women carry.

Of course, some women just don’t like giving head (I’m not one of them, obviously) but it’s interesting to see how stigmas, name-calling and cultural hang-ups have an impact on what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms. Do you think stigmas play a role in how we view and exercise our sexuality?

Another girl who was with us jumped in to say “Well, some women just don’t give head,” but I suspected there was more to it. She too had been exposed to negative stereotypes about black women giving brain, and was hesitant to ignore that mentality and just go for it.

Conversely, a white girl who was also at brunch said she never associated oral sex with being a whore or “chickenhead.” In fact, in high school, it was viewed as a way to hook up with guys and keep your virginity, an ideal alternative to engaging in intercourse.

She is also grinning from ear to ear, her smile as wide as a cantaloupe slice.

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