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Sometimes, all I want to do is to give head (no sex, no eating out from him) and my hunger while sucking the life out of my man’s dick is insatiable.

But my relationship to oral sex hasn’t always been so pleasureful and free.

She is also grinning from ear to ear, her smile as wide as a cantaloupe slice.

Max, mugging for the camera, has his arm draped proprietarily, if not exactly affectionately, around her shoulder as she leans into his chest. When Courtney left her apartment to meet Max at the bar, her roommates called after her, “Make sure to bring him back.” She and Max rode off to the inn “with everyone at the bar waving and giving the thumbs up.” elcome to the New Paleolithic, where tens of thousands of years of human mating practices have swirled into oblivion like shampoo down the shower drain and Cro-Magnons once again drag women by the hair into their caves—and the women love every minute of it.

Another girl who was with us jumped in to say “Well, some women just don’t give head,” but I suspected there was more to it. She too had been exposed to negative stereotypes about black women giving brain, and was hesitant to ignore that mentality and just go for it.

Of course, some women just don’t like giving head (I’m not one of them, obviously) but it’s interesting to see how stigmas, name-calling and cultural hang-ups have an impact on what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms. Do you think stigmas play a role in how we view and exercise our sexuality?But as is the case with most stereotypes demeaning women, people only focus on the most negative scenario (girls who brain every man walking) while not even mentioning the cases (like in a relationship) where it is acceptable and even ideal to please your man.Therefore, my seventeen year-old brain completely shut off the idea of EVER performing oral sex on a boyfriend, to my current man’s chagrin.I gave head for the first time in college because, though I had the opportunity with my high-school boyfriend, I couldn’t shake the stigma attached to it that I heard everywhere growing up.A woman that performed oral sex was labeled a chicken head whore who got her knees dirty and had no respect for herself. Sure there are exceptions, I assume, for women who are in a relationship and not sucking off the whole football team.