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City Rail was established pursuant to the Transport Administration Act, 1988 (NSW); and was first mentioned as an entity distinct from the State Rail Authority in the Parliament of New South Wales in the opening address of the third session of the 49th parliament by the Governor of New South Wales, James Rowland on 21 February 1990.When the City Rail brand was introduced the State Rail Authority was part way through taking delivery of 450 Tangara carriages.Here, Vincent Ho, a gastroenterologist from Western Sydney University, reveals the benefits of squatting.

The brand was established in 1988 and abolished in 2013 when it was superseded by Sydney Trains and NSW Train Link.

Earlier this week the Australian Tax Office announced it had decided to install squat toilets to cater for its increasingly diverse workforce.

It installed two squat toilets in its new Melbourne office because more than one in five staff now come from a non-English speaking background.

In June 2013, it operated 307 stations and over 2,060 kilometres of track, extending north to the upper Hunter Region, south to the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands regions and west to Bathurst.

In the year ended 30 June 2012, 306 million journeys were made on the network.