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In 1999, it broadcast Sex and the Swastika, and in 2004, Sex Bomb .In 2006 I took part in the Canadian Chum Limited TV documentary Sex and PSYOPs.One side says Life and the other Death… Well, anyway, it seems to raise the morale of most of the fellows because they hang the side up with the beautiful girl for a pinup say to Hell with the other side.The enemy’s leaflets were nothing more than appeals to the American soldier’s sexual instincts.For that reason they are scarce today, highly collectable, and only rarely seen at auction.Professor Linebarger noted that obscene pictures showing naked women, designed to make the celibate troops so desirous of women that they surrendered was a Japanese idea that did not work. " Millions of leaflets showing a vivid drawing of tired and dirty French soldiers in forward positions while a French woman lay in the arms of a British soldier was the answer that Goebbels provided.Could it be that our enemies believed that the sexual leaflets would take the "fight" out of the American soldier?I once interviewed the top British forger of the war.

In addition, the information in this article has been used as source material in a number of books such as Professor Dagmar Herzog’s Brutality and Desire: War and Sexuality in Europe's Twentieth Century.In 2015, I was contacted by Zagreb Pride, an NGO based in Croatia that wanted to publish Sexuality in Europe in Croatian. To the average person, the connotations of the word "Pornography" have always brought forth a mental picture of a depraved person leering at filthy pictures.To the scholar, the word meant simply "The description of prostitutes and their trade".I turned down a half-dozen others because I got tired of writing articles on the same subject.I was later interviewed and my material was depicted in the long-running British Channel Four television documentary series Secret History on two occasions.