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And while it’s commonplace for musicians to criticize the president, it’s less common for artists of Eminem’s stature (i.e. “I’m not worried about whether people like what I say politically,” he says. As long as I have people’s ears, I have to say what I think is right.” I was only able to listen the new album once before talking to you, and I gotta say, hearing tracks like “Untouchable” and “Like Home,” where you’re rapping about systemic racism and politics–I know where you’re going. You want to know how I can rap about that stuff and also rap about fucking ridiculous shit.

Yeah, though maybe I’d use a different word than ridiculous.

This is a guy who was born rich, who says he got a small loan from his father of a million dollars.

Where I come from, a small loan is five fucking bucks.

She is reportedly studying at Michigan State University, and recently returned to Instagram to share a snap, captioning the image: "Happy early birthday to me." Eminem - real name Marshall Mathers - often sung about Hailie, referencing her in songs such as 'Hailie's song' and 'Mockingbird'.

In 2014 she was snapped at her graduation from Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan, proudly wearing a long white robe and matching mortarboard.

There’s a song on the new album, “Nowhere Fast,” and I say, “I must have got you / In somewhat of a debacle / Because some stuff that’s awful / Really don’t mean nothing.

There’s a lot of shit I say in jest / That is tough to swallow.” You know, there’s a book called ; it’s all fucked up shit; it makes me laugh — and that kind of stuff is where my brain goes. I can’t even watch the news anymore because it makes me too stressed out.

And as far as the attitude I have about those different subjects, I feel like I did when first I started out. Those are the things I’m thinking about with some lyrics, almost before the actual meaning.

I don’t know anything about Taylor Swift’s situation. I do feel like when you have a platform, it’s important to use your voice. Me and Bob have been friends since way back in the day, but I haven’t spoken to him in a while.

You can loudly call bullshit on things that not everyone can. The last time I did was when the thing happened to his assistant. As far as the politics, I’m not up on what he’s doing.

I couldn’t tell if he really wanted to run for senator or was just fucking around.

This interview will run after the album’s been out for a few days.