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Marilyn Monroe once was invisible walking down a city sidewalk. You say that you are an attractive “female.” Try seeing yourself as a beautiful woman instead. You can also meet men in settings where you share common interests, classes, meetups, conventions, or religious events.3. If you are casually casting your pearls to handsome swine, the time has come to close the gate.No one recognized the megastar until she turned to a friend and said, “Watch this.” She shifted her energy from Norma Jean Baker to Marilyn Monroe and suddenly was mobbed with crazy fans. You need to learn the shades of your own sexual power; and how to turn your divine feminine sexy energy on and off. The word female belittles the totality of your power. These titles describe genitalia and scientific body assignments. Own it -- and see yourself as more than just a “female.”2. If you were looking for casual sex and it was working for you, I’d tell you to be safe and have fun. You don’t say when you’re realizing that these men only want you for sex.Until very recently, if you said you had a “hookup” in Oakland people usually thought it was for automatic weapons or crack.But (THANK YOU HIPSTERS) the newly-gentrified East Bay is now the nation’s 21st-most-active Tinder market, and over 35% of its population is single.Let’s talk about the Tao of Feminine Sexuality No blame, no shame. if you want to be treated like a lady, you have to act like one. Learn to love the non-physical aspects of yourself. This means that our experiences often reveal what we truly believe about ourselves. Now, I want you to go deeper to discover what else you bring to the table in a relationship.Start with a list of everything that you love about yourself.40% of the population is single, and there are an insane 15.9% more ladies than guys.

Just because Miami is ranked so high doesn't mean you’ll visit on vacation and live like you’re in a T. video -- that probably takes more money than you’ve got.If you’ve ever spent an hour watching C-SPAN, then you understand why DC has nearly four bars for every thousand people: making laws will drive you to drink.Then again, the booze also helps people get through those insufferable conversations about which branch of government they work for.If you’re willing to brave nine months of winter and risk hooking up with someone hiding under 14 layers of North Face, you’ll find Chi-town the easiest place in America to get laid.The third-most-popular Tinder locale has four bars per thousand people, and with 8.8% more women than men – and friendly, Midwestern women at that – it makes the endless grey skies a little more tolerable.