Sag woman dating a virgo man

Sun Virgo 28.30 Moon Capricorn 16.09 Mercury Virgo 10.39 Venus Leo 28.46 Mars Cancer 12.15 Jupiter Cancer 4.25 Saturn Leo 25.15 Uranus Scorpio 9.32 Neptune Sagittarius 13.35 Pluto Libra 13.30 Lilith Gemini 16.52 Asc node Libra 15.08 Im just going to ride the storm so to speak and see what happens that is the other side of me talking i would love to confront her but in reality i wouldnt do that im too proud.Posted by hikoro Contrary to Cajun's opinion, I think this had little to do with the venus in scorpio."Oh, he has moon in leo...therefore x", where it could be saturn in leo or any other placements that combined, give a leonine quality.Venus in scorpios are known to be passionate and possessive but this aspect in venus does not pertain to confrontations..desire to confront the woman has to do more with her mars (actions) combined with her emotional nature (moon).I have to be skeptical with the venus in scorpio argument since I am not (including others) the typical venus in scorpio.I am passionate but also very saggitarian too in terms of romance, it must be the cusp I have. Posted by hikoro Caj, You can't just take one single aspect and judge the person's actions based on it.

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Jealousy is a foreign thing for Sag, so I figured it was the Venus in Scorpio. The virgo behavior that this virgo is displaying is not typical, irregardlesss of his chart placements. Dy, Shaks, Cajun (judging from their posts) are very loyal and faithful to their partners.In addition to this, she is not like your sag, she has too many fixed planets. Criticism is fine, but no recognition for calling out her Venus is just distasteful to me. He has put words in my mouth, twisted my words and yells at me, even when I don't respond. After crying and crying I decided I deserve better.If anything, her outlook is more similar to yours, ??? He says the way I talk pis Idk, I just felt like instead of flooding the front page with all my music I'll just make a thread in the Sag forum for whoever wants to listen/join in!