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Nichol sang a song that at first was all about how, as a young boy, he had lusted after Daisy Duke.

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On January 26th there will be a best of clip that you should watch! Sure, unless your psycho daddy breaks out of prison, sneaks into the Snyder farm, and slaughters everyone in their beds! It’s not because I like male nudity and anything with this much male nudity usually has XXX somewhere in the title. I am so glad shows like this didn’t exist when I was kid. You might think Don Imus would have waited a little longer before he started insulting minorities again, but that’s just plain crazy talk!

I guess I could buy their being too clueless to catch the significance of the occasion (only Greg Hernandez of Outin Hollywood wrote about it), but to have ignored the story since then simply proves the traditional media is still more than happy to support and reinforce the closet even when there is no reason to continue to do so. She’s not going to come shoot you if you discuss her "beloved Cydney" comments.

So stop being such a bunch of worthless wusses and do your freakin’ job!

Here they are at the premiere of starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. But given how busy they are not covering Jodie Foster, I’m guessing we won’t hear a thing.

Rufus Wainwright dropped by Mo MA for the opening of the Lucian Freud exhibit. HBO’s features Tony-Award winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell as the show’s mentor for the contestants, I’m definitely inclined to pay attention to this one.