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The feature allows the users to find the particulars they are searching for and helps them get back into the world of dating.acknowledges the real challenges the seniors are facing because of social isolation and the impact it has on their overall well-being.When it comes to , tinder for seniors prides on safe dating experience by protecting their users identities.Believe it or not, for the older people loneliness is their big killer as compared to obesity or smoking.The service doesn't log in as you - it simply sends out a bot to grab the status info from the profile pages.Surprisingly, Dating Anyone isn't the only player in this space - a more lightweight service called Single does exactly the same thing.The only catch to signing in however is that you must be 50 years or above.this restriction ensures that the seniors are able to connect with people in their stages of life.

The brief was for original content that celebrates simplicity, making complicated situations straightforward.Lots of studies show that higher incidences of dementia and death rates are correlated with social isolation and therefore to lower these numbers, seniors need to stay socially connected if they want to stay healthy.It is no surprise that seniors are finding new ways to meet new people.This isn't feeding the My Space beast - it's more like leeching off it.But these services all add value, so hopefully My Space won't feel the need to throttle them or (worse still) build an in-house version.