Dating milestones 1 year

There are many programs available touting to raise IQ and speed up child development in general.

Research shows that the key to healthy child development is the amount of time children spend time with their parents having fun and learning at the same time.

Intellectual Development Uses complete sentences, 1540 words, asks endless questions, learning to generalize, highly imaginative, dramatic, can draw recognizable simple objects.

Physical Development Hops and skips, dresses without help, good balance and smoother muscle action, skates, rides wagon and scooter, prints simple letters, handedness established, ties shoes, girls small muscle development about 1 year ahead of boys.

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Emotional Development Seems sure of himself, out-of bounds behavior, often negative, may be defiant, seems to be testing himself out, needs controlled freedom.

Social Development Cooperative play, enjoys other children’s company, highly social, may play loosely organized group games – tag, duck-duck-goose, talkative, versatile.

Listening to music and playing with musical toys is also great.

Finally, get our kids playing outside as much as possible.