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Representatives of several poorer districts, including Barron and Assemblywoman Maritza Davila, implied that their constituents weren’t smart enough or interested enough in the planet to participate.“These constituents will suddenly be forced to pay or learn a new way of grocery shopping overnight,” Davila said.During the debate, Democrats in the Assembly aired alternative facts to support blocking the bag fee.Several lawmakers, including Assemblyman Charles Barron of East New York, focused on how the fee would be a burden to the poor, ignoring the food stamp exemption and widespread reusable bag giveaways.

In England, plastic bag use plummeted by 85 percent after the government applied a fee in 2015.When you charge people for plastic bags, they will nearly stop using them because the bags have no economic value to them.Only the New York state Legislature could take this uncontroversial idea and twist it into a radical scheme to harm New Yorkers.Why elderly women are less interested in saving a nickel and in participating in the civic cause of reducing waste was left a mystery.Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon said the seniors with whom she has spoken were “firmly in favor” of the fee.