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Other Twitter account sellers focus on years-old “aged” accounts.Typically, accounts with longer lifespans might be more valuable: if an account is older, and did not just spring to existence yesterday, Twitter may be less likely to flag the user as fraudulent, and it could be harder to spot that the account is in fact part of a bot army.In August thousands of automated accounts turned on bot researchers from The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFR Lab).At least some of those bots dated back to 2013, and seemingly tried to harass targets by retweeting certain posts en masse, clogging up their victim’s notification feeds.And the service works for creating Twitter accounts.Security researcher Fionnbharr Davies told The Daily Beast he spent at when constructing his own Twitter botnet.

Investigators found that hundreds or thousands of dodgy Twitter accounts with Russian digital fingerprints posted anti-Clinton tweets that frequently contained false information.That can be useful when trying to pass off your politics-spewing bots as real people.“These accounts are highly sustainable,” a post on Black Hat World, a forum whose users are focused on a mix of techniques and products for online marketers, reads.To test the service, The Daily Beast bought 1,000 accounts with the pseudo-anonymous digital currency bitcoin.The Russian accounts are as plain as can be: no avatars, no tweets, and no followers, and date from July and August of this year.