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I am taking this opportunity of sending you my best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year ! General discussion of the crayfish and other crustaceans should be directed to this CRUST-L list.

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ------------------------------ From: "Wulf Kobusch" Date: Mon, 0000 Subject: Re: CRUST-L: What is the full name?? An addendum on tips on crayfish dissection would be useful.

A short list of modern monographs or survey papers on the crayfish would be a useful addition if anyone could provide one.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ------------------------------ From: "Wulf Kobusch" Date: Mon, 0000 Subject: CRUST-L: cumacean literature: Bonnier 1896 ?

Lyon" is the "Annales de l'Universite de Lyon (Lyon)" however, this may be also wrong?

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ------------------------------ From: [email protected] Date: 24 DEC 97 Subject: CRUST-L: thanks [email protected] Crust-L readers 24 December 1997 I cordially thank to all who replied regarding the paretnal care of potamid crabs and macrurans. I will provide links from my pages to the existing online resources.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ------------------------------ From: [email protected] Date: 03 DEC 97 Subject: CRUST-L: asking [email protected] crust-lers 3 December 1997 Does anyone know papers on detailed behavioral observation of parental care in fresh water crabs of family Potamidae ?

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ------------------------------ From: Eric Eldred Date: Thu, -0500 Subject: CRUST-L: Crayfish in the Christmas stocking 'The Crayfish' has appeared in the Christmas (or other holiday) stocking! You may find it at (note the new address, not "c1.html"): are the pages for Huxley, help, search, discussion, and actual index links to the text.

Huxley, 1879) is now posted, nearly complete, and ready for further proofreading, corrections, suggestions, criticism, and praise.