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I am planning a discussion page for this work only.

The figures are complete and the entire text, notes, and bibliography are online.

Huxley, 1879) is now posted, nearly complete, and ready for further proofreading, corrections, suggestions, criticism, and praise. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ------------------------------ From: "Wulf Kobusch" Date: Mon, 0000 Subject: Re: CRUST-L: What is the full name?? An addendum on tips on crayfish dissection would be useful. A short list of modern monographs or survey papers on the crayfish would be a useful addition if anyone could provide one. Dunbar" Date: Wed, 1000 (EST) Subject: CRUST-L: E. King Hi Fellow Crust l's Has anyone out there ever read the article "The oxygen consumption of intact crabs and excised gills as a function of decreased salinity" by Dr. ) However, this is a good opportunity to wish you a nice Christmas time. Very best wishes and greetings to all Wulf (really Wulf this time ! Zoology Department ************************************************************ Akira ASAKURA Associate Curator, Crustacea, Zoology Department Natural History Museum & Institute, Chiba 955-2 Aoba-Cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba 260, Japan Tel: 81-43-265-3111 Fax: 81-43-266-2481 E-mail: [email protected] ************************************************************ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To (un)subscribe to CRUST-L: Send (UN)SUBSCRIBE CRUST-L as the message body to [email protected] CRUST-L: Cardiosoma Armatum CRUST-L: postdoc at GSU CRUST-L: Systematics Abstracts Online Re: CRUST-L: red algal pigments in crusties ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "Stephen G. :-) I still don't know how they managed to send it twice and to send it at all (?