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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld speaks during the taping of "Oprah's Surprise Spectacular" in Chicago May 17, 2011.Oprah Winfrey kicked off one of her last-ever national talk shows on Tuesday with hugs from Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Madonna in a packed Chicago arena.

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You've already got a better foundation than someone who's bringing up something that does not need to be discussed." Such as? But a miscalculation, he insists, is what it was; it's a misunderstanding of standup to conclude that it showed Richards to be a racist himself. In a recent New York Times profile of Seinfeld, another guest on the series, Sarah Silverman, called him "the least neurotic Jew on earth".

But his early life was highly typical for Jewish New York.

The son of Austrian and Syrian immigrants, he was raised in the Long Island town of Massapequa, which he likes to say is "an old Indian name, meaning 'by the mall'".

Seinfeld reportedly has a private jet, owns more than 40 vintage Porsches and makes at least m (£19.5m) a year, in large part from syndication revenue, adding to a net worth estimated at 0m (£487m) in 2010.

Having spent a decade making a celebrated "show about nothing", he could easily afford to just do nothing now.