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He was not exactly my boss, but he was senior to me and a member of the senior management group and like many women I am attracted to men with power and Kendal certainly had that. Two people away from their partners attracted to each other.

The build-up was so typical; more contact and talk than was necessary during the working day, coffees and lunch together in the company restaurant, moving onto drinks outside it, which escalate to lunch in restaurants or pubs, all possibly innocent. That meant lying to our partners; the thin end of the wedge, making excuses and making sure when we got home there was no tell-tale smell of perfume or aftershave or my stray blonde hairs on his jacket or shirt.

Although I knew that Kendal would need little encouragement and certainly no seducing, I felt that as a lover, I should be appropriately attired, and that meant sexy lingerie.

Luckily I had time to pop to a shopping centre just a few miles down the road and had a surprisingly exciting time selecting a couple of bra and panty sets.

And when he fucked me later I loved it and loved him even more than usual.

Contradictions I know, but that's what cheating is all about.

This series of stories, some of which is taken from real life as it happened to me, looks at the motivations, pleasures, excitement and concerns of the more common circumstances. And of course the inevitable happens all too often.

It is the place where more illicit assignations take place and where more men and women seem to forget their marriage vows as both dip their pans in company ink.

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I know equally well though that there are many of us who thrive on it, who enjoy it and get a big buzz from it. And when you have a fling or an affair the downsides are far outweighed by the upsides, well they seem to be at the time.

In some ways the lying, the excuses and the clear deceiving of the partner is a bigger step than the almost inevitable next one, climbing into bed.

It took us less than five weeks from being introduced to having sex, one month to get to know each other well enough to go to bed together, thirty one days from shaking hands to fucking. Well not the sort where you want to spend your lives together at the expense of existing relationships and families. There is a state somewhere in between those two that encourage people like Kendal and me to risk all for a few months of excitement together.

I had been a little nervous getting ready for the big date.

Choosing what to wear to be undressed in had not been a concern for such a long time; Richard rarely undressed me nowadays!