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Qari Zia Rahman, a regional commander who leads forces on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border, summoned the tribal leaders to a meeting in the district of Marawara eight days ago, then kidnapped them.

“The Taliban first called them for a meeting at a mosque and after a discussion, the Taliban took all the elders away to an unknown place,” a local Afghan official in Kunar told reporter, and demanded local Afghans end their cooperation with the Afghan government and security forces.

Nunes spokesman Jack Langer said the committee vote was "procedurally sound." "To suggest otherwise is a bizarre distraction from the abuses detailed in the memo, which the public will hopefully soon be able to read for themselves," Langer said.

This all comes as special counsel Mueller is investigating whether the Trump campaign improperly coordinated with Russia and whether Trump sought to obstruct the inquiry by, among other actions, firing Comey.

The FBI's stance means Trump, by allowing the memo's release, would be openly defying his own FBI director.

It also suggests a clear willingness by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who in the early stretch of his tenure has been notably low-key, to challenge a president who just months ago fired his predecessor, James Comey.

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A dangerous, dual-hatted Taliban and al Qaeda commander has kidnapped 21 Afghan tribal leaders in the eastern province of Kunar.“The reason behind this act is that some relatives, sons and close family members of these men, work in the Afghan army, Afghan police and some with NATO”, Qari Zia text read.“Unless these people do not resign their jobs with the army, police and NATO, we will not release the hostages.” The district of Marawara, which directly borders Pakistan, is a known haven for al Qaeda and the Taliban.WASHINGTON: Over the strong objections of his own Justice Department, President Donald Trump will clear the way for the publication of a classified memo on the Russia investigation that Republicans say shows improper use of surveillance by the FBI, White House officials said.The memo, prepared by Republicans on the House intelligence committee, is said to allege FBI misconduct in the initial stages of its investigation of potential ties between Russia and Trump's 2016 campaign.