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Actually security in all forms is not only important and valued, it is necessary for them.

For this reason, A Cancer is a natural at building a business empire from scratch or successfully creating a savings nest. Wherever a Cancer-born lives, expect it to be very comforting.

Considered to be the most caring and nurturing of all the signs, Cancerians are great listeners, with much advise to offer, yet they are very careful about revealing too much about themselves. The crab shell provides shelter, protection and emotional sustenance.

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Once they feel comfortable and secure again, they will come out of their shell or perhaps invite others in.Ideally our home and family offer us shelter in which we can feel safe and secure, a place of unconditional love an support.Without the security of home, it is very difficult to achieve any goals.It is easy to feel safe around them, until their natural crabbiness expresses itself …sometimes causing hurtful, crabby remarks to be made to anyone around them while in the darkness of this moon phase. The negative darker shadow of Cancer is their moodiness, attachment to the past and their obsessive worrying at times.