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When you are doing the setup, there is a little ANT or Blue Tooth animation in the top LEFT, indicating everything is working well with your chosen communication protocol – a great little addition, as most ANT USB sticks, are just a black box!(In the above picture I’ve got Bluetooth turned off on my Mac, hence the alert symbol) At the top RIGHT of the Paired Devices screen is the communications settings where you can toggle Blue Tooth on and off Once you have logged in for the first time, Zwift can auto pair your devices, after which, the Paired Devices window will auto-close after 5 seconds – making login more efficient when you have everything set up.Since Zwift was released, there has been a steady run of updates and new features.

Also Road Cycling UK has a good piece on watts/kg if you want to find out some more A good list of the up and coming events can be found on Zwift’s website here: At the bottom, the RIGHT is the course calendar, which partially answers It is worthwhile noting that this tends to change from month to month.I’m aiming for this post to work as a Zwift User Manual for those looking at Zwift in the first instance.In addition to the essential Zwift User Manual, this page also covers useful hints and tips for getting startedaze A lot of the detailed information has come about from the excellent community that is the Facebook Zwift Riders group After the install, Zwift checks for updates – this will happen every time the game loads.On the same page, you’ll also find information about the past and current missions Going back to the log in screen, though – below the calendar is the option to challenge yourself by setting up a goal for the week Underneath is how you performed against your previous goal – I think it’s fair to say I didn’t cover myself with glory last week!When you click on “Add a goal” you can choose what sort of goal you want, and over what time frame: Returning to the centre panel, the question is: If you want to do structured works outs, hitting the blue “Select Workout” button at the top will bringing up the exercise selection screen, and the 13 workout plans available.