Intimadating job interviews

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), I realize just how demoralizing it can be out there for job candidates. There are tons of tips out there for job applicants about how to stand out and improve their chances of securing that dream job. We in the nonprofit sector pride ourselves on equity, community, and social justice.

for input on what we can do to treat our professionals with respect so they don’t run screaming into real estate or other professions (no offense to real estate or other professions). These are just a few tips that we as a sector should think about following. We need to shift our perception of candidates as people who are lucky if they get a job with us, toward the belief that all of us are working toward building a better world. Let’s treat everyone with consideration and respect and let’s live out our values of equity and community..

”And by all means, stay as positive and upbeat as possible.

If you are not having success, evaluate your performance.

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