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Carol is a librarian and has a master's degree in library science.

She works as a librarian at the Veterinary Medical Library at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.

Carol Elmore is an AQS certified appraiser of quilted textiles.

She's been making quilts for 30 years and gives several lectures on quilt history including one her husband called "The Life and Quilts of Ida Stover Eisenhower", appraising, and collecting (especially textiles featuring dogs).

Among the classes that Holly teaches is "Always in Stitches - the stories quilts tell in history".

Holly lives in Georgia and can be reached at Quilt [email protected]

Xenia has also produced three major exhibits of antique textiles and artifacts in central Indiana, and for 11 years was a producer of Quilt America, the quilters' convention in Indianapolis.

She does workshops on quilt dating, hand piecing, and making Scottie block quilt collectibles.

She was the local planning chair of the American Quilt Study Group's, 1999 Seminar and ran the Northern Michigan Quilters Getaway from 1991-1997. Currently she is involved (through the Great Lakes Quilt Center and the Alliance for American Quilts) with the development of the Quilt Index,a comprehensive on-line research tool and reference work that will provide access to information about North American quilted bed coverings .

Her work as the Quilt Collections Assistant at the Great Lakes Quilt Center at the Michigan State University Museum includes updating their website, organizing the on-going Michigan Quilt Project documentation effort, assisting (and occasionally curating) quilt exhibits and helping to manage the 500 quilt collection.

and Quilting to Soothe the Soul: Create Memories for Today, Tomorrow & Forever. Her students enjoy her good sense of humor, guiding and flexible teaching approach, patience and ability to allow and encourage creativity.

Linda's expertise is in hand applique' and machine piecing.