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Relationship success coaching will help you to: Relationship success coaching supports you through the dating process from meeting potential partners to developing the foundations of healthy, lasting relationships.In addition to individual therapy and coaching, The Sagebrush Center offers classes and support groups to help you understand your needs and values and to support you in developing truly successful relationships.I came up with the (quite literal) Formula For Love. The dating site I’ve chosen, Ok Cupid, gives me a series of open ended questions to fill out.P(first date) = db x (∑t are scores for traits that are important, and very important respectively. There’s the vague “Self-Summary” section, the slightly less vague “What I’m doing with my life” section followed by a few more sections with more directed prompts: “The six things I could never do without”, “I’m really good at”, “The first thing people usually notice about me”, and “My favorite books, movies, shows, etc.”.A few weeks ago when I decided it was time to optimize my dating life, I took the first step by creating a list of the qualities I’d like to attract with my profile.It’s an approach I also take in optimizing websites.One mentioned that he was surprised that I told him, another said that it made him feel like he could trust me and knew that it took balls to disclose.All were fine with condoms and even the next morning (when the booze wore off) they were wanting to go again. I'm sorry just trying to give you a sense of success here!

But if I disclose, and I didn't have any symptoms before, then there's no need for guilt or paranoia.

Always disclose, a night of fun isn't worth the guilt or awkward conversation later. It sucks, it will suck more times than others, but life goes on.

And if I'm any indication, then the disclosure has a good chance at success. Theres too much life to live, don't spend it scared of what might happen.

None declined the offer for sex, and most had no questions.

The one question I've gotten so far is whether oral (from him) is on the table - and I assured him it was.