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The unhappy couples would have divorced and therefore not qualified for the research.On top of that, the couples obviously agreed to be in the study, so it’s possible that the unhappiest ones simply didn’t want to confront the questions about their marriages—although it’s also possible that the unhappy ones would have welcomed the opportunity to complain about their spouses.The surprising findings of this study, reported in the prestigious journal showed not only that many people were still in love even after 10 years of marriage, but also which factors predicted the strength of their passion.As reported by Stony Brook University psychologist K.IT TRULY requires authenticity, vulnerability, transparency and accountability NOT only for one's self before its even possible to be there for or with anyone else.

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These are, of course, important to the health of any relationship.

That crazy thing we call love is perhaps one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology.

One reason is that many studies of romantic relationships are carried out not in real life, but in the lab.

In either case, the researchers believed that the bias of wanting to look either very happy or very unhappy didn’t play a major role in affecting the results.

One way that they made this assurance was by making the questions as focused on behavior as possible and therefore less subject to reporting bias.