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This stakeholder-oriented approach to CSR provides dialogue and the basis for a genuine partnership.Media have become more aggressive in reporting the performance (and problems) of companies.As well as creating massive amounts of personal wealth, and generating economic prosperity, companies have also wreaked an untold amount of damage on communities, the environment, and political systems.

This new trend will require businesses in Asia to reorient their adversarial views of stakeholders such as media and NGOs to an approach based on partnership and relationship-building.

Facebook plays an important role, particularly in dating, but text messaging and face-to-face communication are ranked even higher.

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According to a KPMG survey, in 2005, 52% of the world’s 250 biggest companies issued separate CSR reports.

As CSR embeds itself in the operations of leading companies around the world, an increasing number of companies in Asia are embracing the need to ensure activities are ethically sound and beyond.