Who is shia labeouf currently dating

They were truly in love; after two years of dating Brian asked Megan to marry him and she said yes. Megan Fox and Brian planned to have a small wedding with only family members and a few close friends.

In the meantime they lived together as Megan started to rise to fame.

It’s like I said before when she left her first love Ben for fame, is she leaving Brian for fame also?

So, now we really know who Megan’s true love is, it’s acting, they say she wants to become the next Angelina Jolie.

Her new boyfriend gave her the first taste of what Hollywood has to offer.He showed her around and showed her what fame could bring you.He took her to Hollywood parties, Lakers games, spent lots and lots of money with her.What do lot’s and lot’s of money spell; lot’s and lot’s of FUN!As much fun these two had together their boyfriend girlfriend relationship fizzled in 2004, after only one year together.