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(Which feels like reason enough to give the dad joke a try, right?Tourist attractions, quirky local restaurants, or museums—anything that genuinely excites and interests you.Unexpected topics and specific questions are memorable, which will serve to set you apart from all the “Hey…” girls out there.) For the uninitiated, a dad joke is one of those “so bad it’s good” jokes that will make you laugh only because it’s so low-brow.The goal with a dad joke is to break the ice with a built-in humor barometer.


Don't miss these additional trips: More Trips from Athens.and is nowadays the venue of the performances of the Athens Festival.Curious social scientist that I am, I kept track for a spell—of the sixteen guys I asked, eleven of them responded, and I went on a date with one.You instantly out yourself as a silly and self-aware person, and if the guy can appreciate the “so cheesy it’s adorable” factor—you’re in.Two of the three guys I tried it on this week responded right away, and the conversations were lively and fun.